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Posted Friday, June 24, 2016

Not Your Grandma's Greeting Cards | H&H Graphics

Yes, Facebook reminds subscribers to wish friends a happy birthday, but a quick wall post doesn't convince anyone that you were anticipating the milestone days in advance.

Industry experts say that the dawn of social media hasn't impacted greeting card sales, especially to the female demographic responsible for purchasing 80% of the $7-8 billion in annual retail sales. Nobody wants to mistakenly send the same Mother's Day card as last year. Greeting card aisles need fresh content for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Boss' Day, etc. Necktie Notes, i.e. musical ties that can be clipped on an illustrated dress shirt, dominated the shelves for Father's Day 2016.

While the greeting card industry is healthy, so is competition so it's never been more important to have your greeting cards stand out on the shelf. Using special effects screen printing with UV coatings and other specialty inks helps your greeting cards stand out for every holiday.

Glitter Printing

Any parent who has fruitlessly vacuumed glitter remnants will praise H&H Graphics' tight registration that won't escape the card. Glitter printed with UV coatings never rubs off and can be specialty matched to virtually any color or fit any shape.

Even envelopes are fair game and H&H Graphics developed a formula to hold a high concentration of glitter particles to cover envelopes in an all-over shimmer.


A Halloween favorite, phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark screen printing utilizes UV coatings or solvent-based ink to achieve glowing pinks, reds, blues, and violets, in addition to the traditional yellow/green.

Mirrored Printing

Who doesn't get a chuckle out of being the punchline in a greeting card? H&H Graphics has even taken on projects as sophisticated as giving customers the image of themselves in front of the shaving mirror with mirrored and reflective screen printing.

Gloss & Matte

The ultimate printing elegance is a glossy finish directing the eye to central visual elements. H&H Graphics screen printed gloss technology helps deliver a pop.

By contrast, matte coating diffuses the light and softens an image with a glossy substrate. Both techniques used UV coatings to generate raised profiles that etch the card into the human memory.

Pearlescent & Metallic Printing

The wedding card section would be virtually empty without pearlescent printed cards. H&H Graphics offers different refractive indices and optical wavelengths to create pearlescence in many different tones.

Scent Printing

Beyond the typical scratch-and-sniff, H&H Graphics offers hundreds of scents and fragrances that last years, even without the "scratch here" label. H&H Graphics will customize a scent and any request, from anchovies to mint juleps, can be accommodated.

Even More...

Have something else in mind? Our R&D department applies our technical expertise for special effects screen printing on a full-time basis, doing new samples every day with UV coatings, custom inks and varnishes. Challenge us! We love exceeding expectations and achieving the impossible.

Contact us to make your greeting cards pop with special effects screen printing and UV coatings

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