Package Designers Use Science to Influence Buying Habits

Posted Friday, December 11, 2015

Package Designers Use Science to Influence Buying Habits | H&H Graphics

Savvy package designers and marketers continue to search for cutting edge techniques to make their products stand out on a store shelf.

Many have begun to incorporate science, such as bio-motive "triggers" into their package designs, arguing that certain graphic elements conjure instinctive responses from consumers.

Another scientific approach gaining momentum among package designers is neuro-marketing, which refers to marketers measuring the sensory response to marketing stimuli. This approach suggests that our bodies not only respond to color and imagery, but also that our responses are magnified when multiple senses are engaged.

Simon Preece, Elmwood Packaging's Director of Effectiveness recently stated, "This is about recognizing the emotions you want to trigger and create, to make the brand sticky with consumers."

Employing these and other cutting edge packaging design tactics are particularly effective in the retail environment where packaging is often the ONLY brand identity a shopper comes in contact with, and where a brand has just two to three seconds to communicate with the consumer.

At H&H we work with our clients to engage multiple senses, by printing scent, textures, gloss, glitter, light refracting prism and many other specialty inks & coatings, so that your products STANDS OUT on store shelves and ultimately in your customer's hands!

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