Packaging Best Practices: Special Effects

Posted Monday, February 22, 2016

Packaging Best Practices: Special Effects | H&H Graphics

In his article Best Practices: Strategic Special Effects on Package Printing's website, Corey Francer highlights several aspects of how special effects can stimulate sales in a retail environment.

Article Excerpts

"With the rise of SKU proliferation and on-shelf crowding, traditional retail shopping requires the consumer to make a more difficult decision than in the past. While these effects are commonly used in the beverage, wine and spirits market... special effects [have] been successfully implemented in health and beauty, children's products and even the automotive market."

"While special effects often have a visual connotation... if a package can appeal to a consumer's sense of touch, it's almost always a win for the brand... adding an embossed or other tactile element entices the consumer to reach out and touch the product, providing a new element of packaging that they may not have expected or experienced before."

Francer also covers an example where, to make it appear fresh, a spot coating with bubble effect makes it look like water droplets are on salad packaging. We have created this effect using spot UV coatings on POP retail displays for both a razor and a chewing tobacco.

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Higher Quality & Lower Cost

While some of these affects can be achieved with foils, embossing, debossing or other traditional finishing methods, they and many others can be better achieved using UV coatings, solvent or water based inks applied with screen printing – often with a higher quality finish and for a lower cost.

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