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Posted Friday, March 18, 2016

Photochromic Screen Printing | H&H Graphics

Color changing on paper has become much more sophisticated since your childhood days of watercolor painting. Today, chromic printing is the rage of business looking for a unique way to make an impact on multiple senses with screen printed book jackets and covers, packaging, retail POP displays, and promotional materials.

One recent example is a photochromic notepad cover we developed for a company whose mission it is to bring back the following: "agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list."

Sun-Kissed Inks

Photochromic Screen Printing Before & After

For Winter 2015/2016, we took a page out of the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) treatment handbook and introduced a seasonal, limited edition notepad for Field Notes called Snowblind.

Snowblind uses a customized, photochromic screen printed ink that appears as a glistening white pearlescent inside and then changes to a powder blue color when exposed to sunlight outside – the title "Field Notes" remains white at all times. The notepad cover changes back to white pearlescent when brought back inside and the process can be repeated infinitely.

The photochromic ink only works in direct, ultraviolet sunlight and not through a window, though some UV LEDs, back lights and heat lamps can mimic the effects. We can create customized photochromic designs via stencils, photo negatives or any object that casts a shadow.

Similarly, thermochromic screen printing appear as one color and the change to another when it gets warmer or cooler. This has become very popular for business cards, consumer packaging, advertising, product labels, security, etc.

The H&H Difference

Both photochromic and thermochromic screen printing are examples of how printing can interact with and appeal to multiple senses. Appealing to multiple senses increases your chances for getting noticed and purchased.

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