Raised UV Coatings for Packaging

Posted Monday, March 21, 2016

Raised UV Coatings for Packaging | H&H Graphics

We've noticed a new trend when it comes to special effects screen printing for packaging: raised profile UV coatings.

Raised UV coatings have the following effects for packaging:

  • They help products stand out in any retail environment
  • They appeal to multiple senses for the consumer
  • They accelerate product sales as a result

Below are two examples.

Pro Audio Packaging

As shown in the top right image of this blog post, we recently created a black-on-black effect for an electric guitar foot pedal – think Spinal Tap. We did so by applying a raised UV coating to create black streaks on black corrugated packaging. The packaging effect evokes the black streaks on the pedal’s brushed matte-black aluminum chassis.

Health & Beauty Packaging

Raised UV Coating Screen Printing for Cosmetics Packaging

We also recently printed an ultra-high profile raised UV coating to make packaging for a cosmetics consumer packaged goods (CPG) company stand out. Our client sought a high-end printed effect that could not be embossed.

Instead, we simulated a high-end embossed effect by screen printing a custom raised UV pattern that turned out very well and exceeded our client’s expectations.

More than Soft Touch, Gloss & Matte

While gloss and matte, scented printing, and Soft Touch will continue to be prevalent, especially the latter in electronics because of Apple's use of it, raised UV coatings can add a further dimension to packaging that attract consumer attention, appeal to more senses and, ultimately, accelerate product sales.

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