Raised UV Coatings for Retail POP Displays

Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Raised UV Coatings for Retail POP Displays | H&H Graphics

How do you make a retail point-of-purchase display really POP? Raised UV coatings help your message or brand stand out in the aisle of any retail environment. Here are two examples.

Smokeless Tobacco Pouch Display

A smokeless tobacco pouch brand wanted to simulate water on a retail POP display. We achieved the desired effect with raised a UV coating so that the consumer could actually feel the water splash and droplets.

Pet Food Display

We just completed a project that including a raised UV coating for a pet food POP display so that the words, "Meaty, Primal, Adventure" stood out to capture the attention of dog owners in a grocery store. The raised UV screen printing was applied to litho label sheets that are then mounted onto the POP displays. We can also print directly on small displays up to 28" x 40".

Finishers & Commercial Printers

The pet food display project is one of many examples of how we work with finishers and commercial printers that don't offer special effects screen printing and UV coatings or who need to sub-contract overflow business.

In this case, one of our finisher partners pulled us into the project when they had trouble with their equipment. Their brand owner client was delighted with how well the screen printing lays down better and has a more dramatic effect than a simulated effect with digital printing.

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