Snapshot Effect Screen Printing Has Arrived

Posted Friday, March 25, 2016

Snapshot Effect Screen Printing Has Arrived | H&H Graphics

One of our newest special effects, and one of the most unique, is what we call "Snapshot Effect" screen printing.

The Snapshot Effect only appears when someone takes a flash photo. This allows posters, retail POP displays and other pieces to have hidden messaging and/or graphics that shows up unexpectedly later.

Flash Screen Printing Before Flash Screen Printing After

Promotional Beer Poster

We recently used the Snapshot Effect screen printing on two beer posters used to promote a rodeo in Texas. Bar patrons were encouraged to take a photo with a flash, post it on Instagram and to use this hashtag to promote both the beer brand and the event. Above is what it looks like before and after, and below is an example of how it looks in action from an Instagram post.

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