Case Study: Special Effects Printing for High-End Wine Branding

Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Case Study: Special Effects Printing for High-End Wine Branding | H&H Graphics

By all accounts the cabernet produced by the luxury vintners at Tusk Estates is a very fine wine. The 2009 is described as "precise and intense, and yet very delicate." The 2011 was "a perfect experience of pleasure" and the 2013 was "among the prettiest, silkiest and most amazing" of cabernets.

But as a blogger for Wine Spectator describes, this was about more than wine: "Tusk isn't just based on opulent winemaking but also on luxury branding," MaryAnn Worobiec writes.

It was not a wine destined for ordinary packaging. That's where H&H Graphics came in.

Anything But Ordinary Packaging

The branding experts behind Tusk cabernet, which is sold through an exclusive club, wanted the wine's luxury branding to imprint upon a consumer's other senses at first sight and touch. They created a logo of something both rare and luxurious – a pen and ink drawing of a woolly mammoth with a massive set of curling ivory tusks. They designed boxes of ivory colored arrestox, which is linen-based.

How do you create the elegance that an $800 bottle wine should convey? Read our case study to find out we took a challenging project and turned it into vintage H&H. The challenges included:

  • A finely detailed pen and ink drawing had to be reduced without blurring
  • The image had to be printed on to an absorbent, linen-like print surface without ink bleeding

Our screen printing expertise allowed us to carefully control both the angle and the distribution of the ink, preserving the image integrity. Our love of a challenge also meant that we were willing to conduct a mammoth amount of R&D. We worked at getting the image smaller, and smaller still, with no blurring or loss of detail.

The result was a box as elegant as the wine it contained, used for multiple runs over three years.

Challenging Projects Are an H&H Specialty

At H&H Graphics, we specialize in creating the kind of consumer engagement that brings customers in for the touch.

We have a wide variety of special effects screen printing techniques that create packaging that glows and glitters, transforms and reveals, and emanates everything from the feel of luxury to the scent of freshly-baked cookies. But our real specialty is R&D, for creating effects that have never been done before.

Contact us to find out what we can do for your next project.

Special Effects Printing for High-End Wine Branding (Case Study)

Special Effects Printing for High-End Wine Branding (Case Study)

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