Subscription Boxes: How Special Effects Screen Printing Adds Value & Avoids Buyer's Remorse

Posted Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Subscription Boxes: How Special Effects Screen Printing Adds Value & Avoids Buyer's Remorse | H&H Graphics

Subscription Boxes: How Special Effects Screen Printing Adds Value and Avoids Buyer's Remorse

From Birchbox to Sephora to Bark Box to Dollar Shave Club to Shari's Berries, the market for subscription boxes has exploded – is Exhibit A.

While that is great for subscription box brands, it's also intensified the competition (over 2,000 at last count) and there's been recent stories about how some brands are struggling to keep membership high and be profitable as a result.

How can subscription boxes rise above the competitive fray as well as avoid that dreaded feeling of buyer's remorse? Special effects screen printing to enhance the box itself can give you a boost.

Adding Value

Because subscription boxes arrive in the mail instead of being picked up from a shelf in a retail store, the box packaging is crucial as an extension of the brand and to reinforce the brand's perceived value – even before the value of the box's contents is evaluated. That is where special effects screen printing comes in.

What if your subscription box featured the following to give it a premium feel?

  • Glitter: make your box sparkle without it ever rubbing off
  • Scent: have your box smell like perfume or one of the other contents inside
  • Soft Touch & Texture: give your box feel plush or like leather
  • Metallic: make your box feel like metal even though its cardboard
  • Gloss: give your box a sheen or make it feel and look wet
  • Scratch n' Sniff: make scented printing more interactive
  • Raised UV Coatings: give your printed piece a custom, textured feel

When you appeal to multiple senses of the consumer beyond sight with touch and smell, you can deepen their satisfaction with their purchase and...

Avoid Buyer's Remorse

By adding value and having the box itself feel like a luxury product, you reduce the possibility that your subscribers feel like they've overpaid – even if the contents of the box fall a bit short. This helps to maintain current subscriber levels and to grow it when non-subscribers get their hands on one of your boxes...

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