The ROI of Special Effects Printing

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2017

The ROI of Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

The ROI of Special Effects Printing

We don't sell printing. We sell custom solutions that dramatically increase the return on investment (ROI) of your print spend.

How do you look at your print spend? Do you think of printing as an expense for packaging, retail POP displays, gaming promotions, or direct mail projects? If so, you could be missing a major opportunity to turn your printing projects into an investment that generates an impressive ROI for years to come.

Printing Made Memorable

At a time when margins are tight and retail competition is intense, consumers face overwhelming choices whenever they shop or open the mail. If your products and other printed pieces stand out from the crowd, they will create a direct link to your bottom line and that's the opportunity: to use printing that gets you noticed and maximizes ROI.

Visual appeal is clearly important to attracting attention to any printed piece but, if you engage touch and/or smell and create a multisensory appeal perhaps also with an enhanced visual appeal, you are much more likely to connect and engage with consumers.

Considering the multitude of special effects printing options out there and unlimited options for how they can be customized, which one is right for your project?

Consultations that Drives Sales

Instead of selling printing, we sell the expertise and ability to determine the best way to cut through the clutter and reach your intended audience for any printed piece. We work with you to determine the right combination of special effects printing (screen printing or otherwise), how special effects need to work with the graphic design and form factor of what is being printed, and the best way to work with your commercial printer or in-house printing department to make it all happen.

Drawn from our 40 years of experience, our special effects printing solutions typically increase sales and other forms of engagement by 15-20% on average. If you calculate the value of that 15-20% as well as the value of new customers acquired over the life of their relationship with you and then consider the costs involved, a clear business case emerges for these custom printing solutions with an ROI of 50-200% or more within a relatively short period of time.

Investment vs. Expense

So much of the commercial printing market has been commoditized with printers racing to the bottom on price. While this can be appealing to marketers and their financial overlords, what is often sacrificed is innovation, quality, appeal, engagement, and ROI.

Thus, here is the question for you: do you want to maximize the ROI of your print spend with a partner, or do you want the lowest price from a vendor?

If you want a partner, let us know and we can explore the right printing solution for your next project and estimate its ROI.

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