The Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Smell of Success

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Smell of Success | H&H Graphics

With as many as 400 olfactory receptors, the human nose may be able to distinguish among at least a trillion different odors.

So even though we have a list of more than 800 of them that we can reproduce as part of our expertise in scented printing, it’s a jaw dropping bit of context that suggests we have a way to go before we run out of possibilities…

But of course, we’re all about possibilities here at H&H Graphics and we have an R&D Department that lives for a challenge.

If you have an idea for a scented print promotion that’s never been done – and there are apparently more than nine hundred and ninety-nine billion of them – we’d love to hear it.

High-Quality Scented Printing from A to Z

From Angel Food Cake to Zucchini Bread, we cover the landscape of scented possibilities and that includes the ability to create custom scents for wherever your imagination or your campaign takes you.

They’re not all delicious. From compost to moose poop, we’ve printed plenty of multisensory promotions featuring scents you won’t find in a candle catalog, but they got the job done.

Scent is a uniquely powerful sensory experience that can be used to provoke a wide variety of emotional responses and moods. That’s why savvy marketers for many of the world’s best-known brands incorporate scent into their campaigns.

From that new car smell to the scent of freshly cut grass, scent can trigger nostalgia, spark a craving, stoke a sense of longing, generate excitement or transport you emotionally to a completely different time or place. About the only thing you can’t do with scented marketing is fly under the radar. Scented packaging and promotions provoke engagement with your product or campaign on a deeper level than purely visual cues.

Put the Power of Scent Behind Your Next Print Campaign

When combined with other multisensory effects like texture or chromic inks, scent creates a powerful and tangible connection to your message.

From taco-scented wrapping paper to a moose-poop scented map, our clients have a tendency to let their imaginations go in a trillion different directions.

You can too. Give us a call or click on the link below to get started. We’ll show you why so many of the world’s best-known brands have used H&H to create their multisensory campaigns.

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