Thermochromic Ink Printing Example: Mobile App Brochure

Posted Friday, December 04, 2015

Thermochromic Ink Printing Example: Mobile App Brochure | H&H Graphics

Brochure Uses Heat-Sensitive Ink to Illustrate Covert Surveillance iPhone App

H&H Graphics recently printed heat sensitive ink onto an iPhone-shaped brochure designed to mimic the experience of using a covert surveillance mobile app developed by SurTec.

What Lies Beneath...

The SureTec app named APParation operates completely undetected on mobile devices and is used in place of a wire in undercover investigations. SureTec wanted a unique and impactful way to show how the app is undetectable. Thermochromatic ink was used to make the brochure look like an iPhone with a black screen. When you place your fingers on the "screen," heat from your fingers warms the ink and reveals the home screen of the app underneath.

The Thermochromic Ink Experience

According to a write-up of this project on For Print Only, "The thermochromic ink is VERY sensitive to ambient temperature. It looks best and most opaque when it's in a colder room and the color change is more dramatic as well. We had no idea what the room would be like at the trade show where these brochures were handed out so we advised our client to bring a cooler or some similar storage container for the brochures. That way, they could have maximum impact when handing them to potential clients. H&H Graphics was definitely up for the challenge and advised us along the way!"

Printer Collaboration

The brochure printing was by SureTec's local commercial printer AC Printing, who then shipped the brochures to H&H Graphics in Chicago to have the thermo ink silk-screened in place. The sheets were then shipped back AC Printing for finishing. This is a good example of how we work with commercial printers and add value to their projects.

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