To Outsource or Not to Outsource... That Remains the Question!

Posted Saturday, December 12, 2015

To Outsource or Not to Outsource... That Remains the Question! | H&H Graphics

The question of whether or not printers should outsource print projects remains a topic of ongoing debate.

Printers may be reluctant to introduce a third party to their customers, for fear that outsourcing may cause them to lose control of the client relationship or the process. However, recent studies and many successful campaigns provide proof that outsourcing projects to finishing experts – those who devote all of their time, skill, and experience to specialty finishing options – is smart business and delivers a superior outcome for customers.

Not only does partnering with a finisher deliver a stellar project, it demonstrates to your customer that you are confident in your relationship and are willing to provide them with any and all services that will best improve their project – not solely the services that your facility can provide.

The reality is that many printers may not have the volume to justify making the capital investment in specialty printing equipment, which leads printers to rely on professional finishers for specialty finishing to give projects the extra WOW factor.

Several key factors determine the success of a printer/finisher outsource relationship. One key factor is discussing budgets at the outset, so that recommended specialty effects are within a printer's budget to avoid loss of precious time for both parties.

Two additional factors that can help solidify the success of a printer and finisher partnership are education and pro-activity. Finishers must educate printers about the specialty coatings and finishes that are available. Printers must be well-versed and proactive, rather than reactive, in selling their own customers on specialty finishing. Printers should partner closely with professional finishers – and finishers should be sure that printers have samples on hand to share with their prospective clients.

Win-Win | H&H Graphics

Put simply, print's effectiveness improves and clients WIN when printers and finishers collaborate.

H&H takes great pride in our partner relationships and has become a trusted outsource partner by respecting our print partners, delivering consistent quality and honoring confidentiality. We work with our partners in the manner that best suits their needs and benefits their customers.

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