Up-Branding with Special Effects Print Enhancements

Posted Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Up-Branding with Special Effects Print Enhancements | H&H Graphics

What’s the difference between an ordinary plastic bottle of lotion and a smooth tube with gold embellishments that’s soft to the touch?

The product may be the same, but marketing experts know that you don’t need to change a product to enhance its perceived value.

That's why luxury retailers hand you your purchase in a customized bag or wrapping made of fabric or durable material, with elegant touches like tissue and ribbon. Packaging is an inseparable component of a product's perceived value.

That's why big brands rely on unique packaging to make their products stand out on a shelf that may contain dozens of similar products, and it's why companies like Amazon strive to create special “unboxing” experiences for customers at home. It's about creating an emotional connection that starts with the very first touch.

Get More for Your Print Spend with Special Effects

Printed special effects in packaging can go even further to enhance the perceived value of a product by engaging consumers through multiple senses with scents, textures and other embellishments that can create the suspense of a hidden "reveal." The more unique the enhancements, the more consumers are likely to tie the packaging to a specific brand and respond to it.

Effective emotional engagement can do more than lead to a purchase – it can make brand ambassadors out of your customers.  According to Gensler’s Brand Engagement Study, 94% of respondents said they would be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with.

Multisensory special effects have a heightened ability to evoke an emotional reaction because they engage consumers through multiple sensory channels. Scented effects can be effective at creating a mood or triggering a memory, while textures can create a sense of luxury and glamour.

Get the Advantage of Multisensory Special Effects

With state-of-the-art screen printing techniques and an R&D department that is constantly expanding the reach of our clients' imaginations, H&H stays on the cutting edge of what is possible with customized sensory marketing effects. From one-of-a-kind displays and special effects packaging to printed promotions that can kick-start a social media campaign, a contest or a promotion, we can help you fashion a multisensory brand experience your customers will never forget.

At H&H Graphics, we have created one-of-a-kind special effects packaging and promotions for some of the biggest and best known brands in the world. Shouldn't yours be one of them?

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