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Posted Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Want to Get Engaged? | H&H Graphics

Commercial printers and marketers everywhere are looking for innovation; ideas that make them stand out from the competition and help their products get noticed. After all, that's the goal of any printed piece, right? You want the target to remember the piece and act on it. Well, sometimes the best innovation comes in the form of an application of something already known.

Scratch-Off Printing

Scratch-off printing, added to your existing promotional piece, can be just the ticket. Think about it... people cannot resist the urge to scratch off and see what they've won or what is revealed beneath. When they do, you've accomplished so much more than a plain printed piece ever could. You've engaged the target and they are interacting with the piece, and that increases recall and response rate. In fact, research shows that scratch-off promotions pull in response rates of 30%-50%!

3 Scratch Off Ideas

Just because scratch-off has been around for a while doesn't mean you can't get creative with it. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a unique shape for the scratch off area: recently we did a scratch off card for a NASCAR promotion and the scratch off area was the windshield of the car. It looks very cool and gets attention! We've also done hearts, stars and many other shapes.
  • Use a "different" color for the scratch off: did you know that scratch off comes in many colors? We did a piece for a real estate broker with a picture of a house. The scratch off was the door, and it was red. Using color allows you to tie in branding and get your message across with style.
  • Incorporate scratch off with PURLs and other variable data campaigns: we are working a lot with digital printing. Just because it's variable data doesn't mean it can't also be enhanced. Give your target customers a reason to go to the PURL site like entering a code found under a scratch off to see what they've won. You can also do this with any website without creating PURLs. Let people enter a unique code revealed when they scratch off, and you'll know exactly who visited your site.

Best of all, we can help! We provide our expertise and consultation on scratch-off promotions at no charge to you or your customer when applicable. We can also share samples to help generate creative thinking. Call us and you'll see what you've won... more business!

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