What's New in Scratch-Off Promotions

Posted Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What's New in Scratch-Off Promotions | H&H Graphics

What's New in Scratch-Off Promotions

Scratch-off promotions have been around awhile, so you may not be aware of some new developments in our scratch-off offering, particularly now that H&H Graphics has acquired Winning Promotions – the nation's leader in instant win and probability scratch-off and other gaming promotions.

Our complete, turnkey scratch-off promotions services are ideal for the following clients:

  • Marketing directors with scratch-off experience, gaming and sweepstakes experience who value more visual creativity, WBE certification and who may want new promotions ideas
  • Marketing people that have never run a scratch-off promotion before who need help with ideas, legal terms and prize insurance
  • Sales promotion agencies that need an experienced partner to produce gaming promotions

4-Color Overprint

Many do not even know that it's possible to print in 4-color on a scratch-off area. This is because no one has done it before – we developed the capability. This means that you can print a promotional message or imagery directly on the scratch-off area in any color you choose.

Scented Scratch-Off

By leveraging our scented and fragrance capabilities, we've developed the ability to add smell to scratch-off in just about any smell you can think of. If we haven't done it, we can create a custom scent. Though scratch-n-sniff has been around for a long time, no one has done this before – this is another R&D innovation, just like 4-color scratch-off overprint mentioned above.

Why is this important? Because research shows that engaging a second sense further stimulates consumer engagement, increases sales and generates significant ROI on your promotional piece.

Legal & Insurance: A Turnkey Solution

More than just printing your scratch-off promotion, we can set up your promotion legally, complete with prize insurance. This is especially useful to our clients when they've never done promotions of this nature before.

WBE Certification

If working with a woman-owned enterprise is important or required for your organization, H&H Graphics has just been certified by the WBENC. Because we acquired Winning Promotions earlier this year, our WBE certification applies to all Winning Promotions clients and projects.

Pull Tabs as a Hot Alternative

If scratch-off doesn't quite fit your promotions or gaming needs, you may also want to consider pull tabs, which are hot right now. We can die cut and glue so that you can print them and we'll take care of the rest.

Something New for the Holidays

Now's the time to start pulling together holiday promotions and promotional gaming is a reliable way to create stronger engagement with consumers.

Contact us to learn more about scratch-off and pull-tab promotions and gaming

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