Winning the Battle of Perceptions in Packaging

Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Winning the Battle of Perceptions in Packaging | H&H Graphics

Winning the Battle of Perceptions in Packaging

It's an often repeated "law" in marketing: marketing is not a battle of products, it's a battle of perceptions.

As the move toward cost-efficiency in packaging reduces customization, it can reduce consumer perception of value because, when a product’s packaging looks like others, consumers tend to use that as a mental shortcut—concluding the product inside also is on par with its competitors. Such conformity in packaging creates an excellent opportunity for those willing to stand apart with special effects screen printing.

Every Package Tells a Story

Today's consumers, especially Millennials, are less interested in conformity than they are in having unique experiences. They are more attracted to craftsmanship as evidenced by the rise of the craft beer and liquor. Even the rise of new retail brands shows elements of unique narrative, with each item offering its own voice to the brand story. For these consumers to perceive your product's value, therefore, it takes story-telling.

A key delivery mechanism for brand story-telling is packaging – especially if your product resides on shelves. While generations of readers have been warned not to judge a book by its cover, we all do. The same holds true for product packaging, which is why your package needs to reflect and support your story in a more deliberate way.

The Role of Special Effects

The use of special effects screen printing can be highly effective in supporting these stories—visually as well as through touch. Even specialty inks and coatings used to create scented packaging can help reinforce your brand. More than echoes of your message, these attributes of your packaging create a multisensory experience that can provide a more complete and interesting interaction for consumers, making your product stand out and making consumers more likely to purchase.

In short, to win the battle of perceptions, you need to win the attention and interest of your consumers. That’s where special effects screen printing will help. Whether it’s through a soft touch cover in combination with scented effects or the crisp sound a high-grade glossy sheet makes when turned, such details speak volumes about the quality of your product.

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