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Posted Thursday, October 27, 2016

Craft Packaging | H&H Graphics

The maker's movement of recent years highlights the added value many consumers place on products they believe reflect thoughtful, hands-on construction. From the rise of the craft breweries—and now distilled products—to watches and bicycles from manufacturers like Shinola, the commoditized alternative is less attractive when artisan-crafted is available, affordable and reflected in its packaging.

Special effects screen printing is a compelling way to apply the craft effect to all forms of retail packaging.

The Multisensory Appeal of Packaging

For makers across all industries, packaging needs to receive more consideration. It not only needs to draw the eye, but feel valuable when held and unpacked.

Studies on the connection between the senses and the mind find that the tactile endowments of an object can alter the perception of the person holding it. Simply reaching out to touch a package to read the label, for instance can, with special effects screen printing, trigger the "endowment effect." This is a behavioral science phenomenon associated with the sense of ownership. The longer we humans hold something, the more we tend to treat it as if it's our own, and the higher we value it.

Draw the Eye and the Heart and Mind Will Follow

Whether used for perfume or a bank's account welcoming kit, special effects screen printing like glitter, textured printing, metallic effects, or heat/photo activation (chromic) influence the way a consumer feels about a purchase. They can also influence their level of satisfaction afterwards as well.

This is especially true in the wine and spirits area. Where vintners and distillers are offering premium products, the added enhancement of a well-crafted package and the artistry of the label not only make the bottles stand out on the shelf, it can communicate a promise of quality to the owner, and to the recipient of the bottle when chosen as a gift. Where that gift will sit on a shelf at home, it also serves as a reminder of the generosity.

When you're ready to give your products the premium look that speaks volumes about the quality of the goods inside with special effects screen printing, give us a call.

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