Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H

Posted Thursday, March 22, 2018

Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H | H&H Graphics

Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H

When the U.S. Postal Service challenged a direct mail marketing expert to uncover a new and exciting print finishing technology for direct mail campaigns, she found us, and the magic of SnapShot™ ink.

Trish Witkowski, the direct mail printing and folding pioneer behind the addictive "60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week" videos, showcased H&H SnapShot technology for her feature on new print techniques this week on WhatTheyThink, a print and publishing industry market intelligence website.

Witkowski gave our SnapShot technology a try and came away impressed. "It's exciting ... because it's not just interactive – it also makes the SnapShot ink effect a powerful solution for social media campaigns," she wrote.

SnapShot ink, activated by the flash on your mobile phone camera, reveals a hidden message that can be shared on social media for a sweepstakes promotion or a savings campaign. It's one of many multisensory special effects that we have developed for print campaigns so compelling your audience won't just take notice – they actively play along.

But That's Not All We Can Do

No one has more special effect techniques for super-charging direct mail campaigns than we do. From photochromic, thermochromic and hydrochromic effects, to textured, scented and custom colored inks, we are constantly developing new ways to boost the "wow" factor of print marketing and packaging materials.

We print images that feel like leather or smell like cupcakes or glow in the dark or just about any combination of sensory effects you can imagine. We create custom glitter effects that don't rub off and can be applied to almost any surface. We create hidden messaging with water, heat or light-activated reveals. But what we really create is engagement, with irresistible sensory details you can't help but want to touch, or smell or activate.

Discover What Special Effects Can Do For You

At H&H, we love being discovered almost as much as we love discovering new ways to make your print and packaging projects stand out from the competition. While our award-winning R&D team is working to create the next custom application, our expertise in applying multi-sensory effects to print and packaging projects has been discovered by everyone from exclusive cosmetic brands, to national food and beverage companies to best-selling book publishers.

Research shows that multisensory special effects generate a far greater level of consumer engagement than promotions that are strictly visual. That's an edge you need if you want your promotion to stand out from the competition. Contact us to discover what we can do for your next print campaign.

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