SnapShot Interactive Mobile Sweepstakes Promotion

Posted Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SnapShot Interactive Mobile Sweepstakes Promotion | H&H Graphics

Photochromic Ink: SnapShot Interactive Mobile Sweepstakes Promotion

Here's an example of our newest promotion called "SnapShot." This product interacts with your mobile smart phone camera, which can then be shared on social media.

"SnapShot" is a clear coating printed on a game card or signage, then when the consumer "snaps" a flash photo, the prize is revealed on their phone!

The SnapShot Effect

There are many benefits to this unique promotion:

  • ENGAGE your customers with this unique game and better ROI
  • EXCITE them with chance at winning a large prize or offer
  • PUSH TRAFFIC back to retail store, web site, event after they reveal valuable offer or prize
  • HIGHER REDEMPTION because game card is stored on their phone, no need to redeem printed game card
  • TRACK & COLLECT DATA with unique game play codes
  • SOCIAL MEDIA TIE-IN Make the participant take a picture of themselves with SnapShot game card and/or poster, post to Instagram or other social media sites, to be able to redeem offer

SnapShot Example

Photochromic Ink: SnapShot Promotion Before Photochromic Ink: SnapShot Promotion After
H&H Graphics SnapShot Coated: Before Photo
H&H Graphics SnapShot Coated: With Flash Photo

How to Get Started

Contact us if you want to set up a time to discuss SnapShot, or using other special effects to increase the ROI of your print spend, and be Anything but Ordinary.

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