Webinar: Giving Consumers a Reason to Engage

Posted Monday, June 01, 2020

Webinar: Giving Consumers a Reason to Engage | H&H Graphics

At H&H, we are experts at incorporating multisensory special effects into retail products, packaging, displays, and promotions for messaging that get noticed.

So, when we tell you this is no time for ordinary projects or copycat marketing that yawns out the same old messaging, we have to admit: we don’t think there’s ever a good time to be boring.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find a worse time to go ordinary. Here are a just a few reasons:

  • Consumer Behavior Has Changed: months of sheltering-at-home has changed the way we shop and the way we feel about shopping
  • Tolerance for Marketing Is Low: months of corona-messaging has started to rankle and feel-good appeals to the human spirit – a bit stale from the start – have lost their freshness
  • People Are Managing Fear, Fatigue & A Yearning for Real Human Engagement: this follows months of isolation, Zoom meetings and the Tiger King

Learn How Multisensory Marketing Can Help You Break Through

Are you familiar with the latest research and thought leadership around what’s going on in the minds and hearts of consumers right now? We’ll share how you can use it to incorporate the messaging and delivery that will hit the right note for these unusual times.

If you’re an agency or printer charged with helping your clients make the most of the rebound, we can show you the path that runs between proven techniques of consumer engagement and a healthy ROI.

Watch the recorded version of our June 18 webinar, Giving Consumers a Reason to Engage, by filling out the form below.

The webinar covers the landscape of consumer psychology, cultural trends and marketing approaches that work to meet consumers where they are, instead of force-feeding them a diet of pandemic pandering that can comes across as pushy and insincere.

We show you examples of companies that managed to thrive in the middle of an economic slowdown with marketing that used multisensory appeals and imagination to engage a worried and weary audience.

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And of course, we show you what we can do with multisensory special effects that have been used by some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world to create one-of-a-kind campaigns.

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