Getting Social with Special Effects Printing

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Getting Social with Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

Whether you use glitter, scent, texture or a form of hidden messaging reveal, special effects printing enhancements expand the reach and impact of your marketing budget.

Social media can have a similar impact. When you strike a chord with the right audience on a social media platform, your messaging can take on a life of its own. No one loves the unveiling of a cool new thing as much as the social media audience.

Combine special effects printing embellishments with a social media campaign and you've leveraged two powerful forces of consumer engagement.

When a leading beer brand wanted to create a one-of-kind special effect print and social media campaign, our Snapshot printing was used to create posters with a hidden reveal for a chance to win rodeo tickets. Bar patrons snapped selfies in front of the posters and shared them on Instagram with a hashtag promoting the beer and the event.

Special effects printing techniques are a natural fit for social sharing, especially effects that create a dramatic before-and-after reveal like glow-in-the-dark inks, or inks that react to water, light or temperature change. These effects incite multisensory engagement with your packaging or message that can dramatically increase sales and brand resonance.

Print Embellishments for Instagrammable Appeal

Beautifully designed packaging with standout features like glitter, pearlescent, metallic or reflective coatings are a magnet for social sharing. The explosive growth of social media channels means product packaging has to be just as camera ready as what's inside.

When Arby's was looking to stand out in the cluttered arena of fast food marketing efforts without having to outspend its competitors, it combined nerdy arts and crafts – food packaging crafted into popular movie and video game characters – with a social media campaign to create an "off-the-charts" level of engagement, according to one marketing site.

Be creative and watch the internet multiply the reach of your marketing spend. Here are just a few of the ways you can combine multisensory print enhancements with social media exposure:

  • Create a hashtag that allows people to share your campaign across the internet: #YourCampaignGoesViral
  • Run a contest using special effects printing techniques to reveal a hidden code or message when shared online
  • Use flash-reveal technique Snapshot on shelf signage to reveal a discount code and encourage creative, shareable photos
  • Use special effects printing to create clues on product or display packaging linked to a social media reveal
  • Create spectacular packaging that stops consumers in their tracks and watch as they share your brand across their social media channels

Grow Your Reach: Special Effects Printing + Social

Like multisensory special effects, social media campaigns are a great way to extend the reach of your campaign. By combining online and offline opportunities to engage with your products and promotions, you magnify the power of multisensory marketing.

At H&H Graphics, multisensory marketing through special effects printing is our specialty. We have an R&D department dedicated to making your next campaign a success with one of-a-kind effects for adding scent, texture, colors, reveals and other attention grabbers to everything from product packaging to gift cards to POP displays.

Give us a call or click on the link below to learn how you can put the power of multisensory special effects to work for your next campaign.

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