H&H Special Effect Among 'Top Trends' in Retail Environments

Posted Friday, August 10, 2018

H&H Special Effect Among 'Top Trends' in Retail Environments | H&H Graphics

H&H Special Effect Among 'Top Trends' in Retail Environments

So Amazon can get it there in two hours with the click of a button and free shipping? That's awesome for the time-strapped or for saving yourself the chore of hauling home 40 pounds of dog food in a lumpy bag. But let's be honest, it's not very high on the list of experiences. It's just easy.

Creating the "Wow" Experience Consumers Want

And there's nothing wrong with easy. But easy will never replace experience. That's why shoppers still go to the mall or the superstore or the boutique. Because sometimes you just want to pick stuff up before you buy it. You want to see how it looks on the shelf surrounded by the other things competing for your attention. You want to feel it, smell it, try it on. You want it to have to work for your attention. You want to be wowed.

Successful retailers and brand managers are always looking for new ways to tap into that desire for an experience. The internet may have changed the landscape, but it's got nothing on the retail environment when it comes to creating a multisensory experience.

Want to see what we mean? This month, Retail Environments, the magazine of the retail trade association Shop!, showcases some of the top trends in in-store signage and graphics that deliver the "wow" that retail consumers are looking for. It's an inspiring array of light boxes, custom wall coverings and eye-catching displays and it includes H&H Graphics' Mood Ring Effect.

Mood Ring Effect

Creating Customer Engagement with Special Effects

At H&H Graphics, our expertise is in creating multisensory special effects printing techniques for packaging, promotions and displays – but our real specialty is creating customer engagement. The Mood Ring Effect is a perfect example of a printing technique that generates engagement with an appeal that is both visual and textural. It creates packaging or signage that customers can't keep their hands off. Like the color changing mood rings of the 1970's, it's an effect that uses body heat to create color changes – in this case in the form of rainbow-hued fingerprints and handprints.

But that's not all we can do! Contact us to learn more about how you can deliver an experience along with your packaging or signage. Ask us about our wide variety of effects that incorporate custom scents, custom colors, custom textures and an array of effects that can be used to create a magical "reveal" when heat, or light or water is applied. We've got an R&D Department that is constantly expanding the list of things that we can do and we love a challenge.  Don't settle for ordinary packaging or displays when you can deliver anything but...

Mood Ring Effect: Animated

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