HAPPI Article Shows How to Increase Sales with Multi-Sensory Packaging

Posted Friday, August 18, 2017

HAPPI Article Shows How to Increase Sales with Multi-Sensory Packaging | H&H Graphics

HAPPI Days: H&H Graphics Featured in HAPPI

Because of our work with brand managers, by creating unique and fun consumer engagement in packaging and retail point-of-purchasing (POP) displays, we are proud to have an article written by our CEO, Michelle Leissner, in HAPPI Magazine entitled "Uncommon Sense: Multi-Sensory Appeal in Packaging Creates Consumer Engagement."

About HAPPI Magazine

HAPPI is the leading media outlet in the global personal care and household product market. Celebrating 50 years of global coverage in 2013, HAPPI provides in-depth analysis of this $530 billion market for our 16,500 subscribers around the world.

Article Excerpt

Can your packaging reach out and touch someone? Can the consumer smell it? Does the visual design draw attention to the product? Does it capture the brand and product message in a way that engages your target demographic?

Are you confident it will cut through the clutter of marketing messages and point of purchase distractions to reach people when it counts?

What if you could answer yes to these questions and increase your packaging’s return on investment? Would you be interested? Read on, my friend. This stuff is mind blowing.

Visual Differentiation Is Not Enough

With so many products fighting for attention on a declining number of store shelves—thanks to Amazon, other e-tailers and warehouse clubs—it’s critical for your product to stand out, and visual differentiation is not enough.

Martin Lindstrom's groundbreaking research detailed in his book "Brand Sense" discovered that 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense: our eyes. Lindstrom then explains how the most successful brand managers use strategies to integrate packaging that appeals to all five senses—touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

Read the entire HAPPI article here

Want to Create Unique Consumer Engagement?

If you want something Anything but Ordinary™, then contact us to learn how specialty UV coatings and other special effects can differentiate your products.

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