Packaging for Impact: The Folding Carton

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2016

Packaging for Impact: The Folding Carton | H&H Graphics

Packaging & Folding Carton Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

When it comes to consumer products, retail packaging can define your product while speaking volumes about its use, quality and relevance. But to do so, it needs to draw attention to itself. With advances in UV coatings and special effects screen printing coatings, that is easier than ever before.

The Folding Carton

While transparent plastics have made an impact on the packaging industry, folding cartons remain relevant and effective. In fact, the folding carton industry continues to expand due to the emergence of technology that accommodates innovative designs and the use of special effects screen printing techniques. These techniques allow designers to create distinctive carton shapes and textures in ways that are cost effective and scalable to changes in volume. Today, it’s even affordable to customize for use in limited promotions.

Rapid & Innovative Prototyping

For makers, this means prototypes can be created quickly and efficiently, even allowing for several design iterations based on customer feedback. But it’s printed packaging’s role in marketing and its relevancy to consumer preferences that are more likely to be driving growth.


As a sustainable alternative, folding cartons address the desire many consumers—especially younger adults—have, to lower their consumption’s impact on the environment. Paper-based packaging is recyclable and its inputs are more sustainable than plastic packaging.

Maker Movement

There is also a “maker movement” underway that yields a greater appreciation by consumers for the craft and thought that goes into both product and package design. A quick search of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram produces thousands of uploaded images of innovative designs from packaging aficionados.

Multisensory Experience

Textured printing are finding growing favor with designers—not just as a way of expressing quality, but also for their visual effectiveness, and for the tactile engagement they produce when a package is picked up. It’s this versatility to touch consumers through a multisensory experience while imbuing products with an aura of luxury that makes folding cartons more than protection for the product inside. It creates an opportunity to satisfy both the desire consumers have for little luxuries, while reflecting their personal values.

Hot foil stamping and embossing are often considered, but textured screen printing is often more cost-effective, higher quality and more visually attractive.

Folding Carton Specialty Screen Printing

To discuss how to make your product be Anything but Ordinary and stand out with special effects for folding cartons, packaging and retail POP displays, let us know. Every one of our projects is unique and offers a level of innovation unseen with other printing and finishing methods.

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