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Scented Recipe Cards and Your Brand: A Recipe for Success

Posted Thursday, December 05, 2019

Scented Recipe Cards and Your Brand: A Recipe for Success  | H&H Graphics

In an era in which any cook with an internet connection has access to more recipes than could be used in a lifetime, there is still something deeply satisfying about an old-fashioned recipe card.

They're tangible, they're nostalgic and, with a drip of spaghetti sauce or a splash of olive oil, they carry a multisensory record of family history and good times. It's little wonder that, as the Associated Press reported recently, recipe cards are becoming a collector's item.

While it's convenient to have 300 different ways to make a pecan pie - Google's most searched for recipe in 2018 – there is something about a recipe card that taps deep into our psyches, stirring up memories of Sunday dinners at Grandma's house or holidays spent surrounded by our favorite people.

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The Multisensory Marketing Playbook

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Multisensory Marketing Playbook | H&H Graphics

“To bring branding into the 21st century, the most successful companies are using marketing campaigns that appeal to all five senses.” - Danish author and brand expert Martin Lindstrom, "Brand Sense."

When branding guru Martin Lindstrom unveiled the science behind how big companies were using touch, smell, sound and more to persuade consumers to buy their products in his 2010 book "Brand Sense," brand managers who weren't appealing to their consumers' senses learned they were missing out on a huge competitive advantage. From "new car" smell to custom-designed tastes, sounds, and textures, Brand Sense outlined the powerful appeal of sensory marketing.

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Research Proves Sensory Effects Increase Consumer Engagement

Posted Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Research Proves Sensory Effects Increase Consumer Engagement | H&H Graphics

Research Proves Sensory Effects Increase Consumer Engagement

Anyone familiar with H&H Graphics will know that we've touted the value-add of special effects screen printing for the past 40 years as a way to create fun and unique engagement with consumers for retail packaging, POP displays, gift cards, book covers, direct mail, business cards, and just about anything else that can be printed.

Sometimes it can be challenging to explain why what we do is so powerful, so we thought we'd step aside and let you hear directly from the experts: researchers from all over the world that have studied why appealing to specific or multiple senses, beyond vision, creates such an emotional connection in people – especially touch and smell. Here are their findings.

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Be the Peacock

Posted Thursday, December 01, 2016

Be the Peacock | H&H Graphics

Packaging Special Effects Printing: Go Full Peacock | H&H Graphics

Want your product to stand out from the crowd? Then you can't afford to treat it as though it were a commodity.

This means retail packaging costs need to be assessed in ways that go beyond cost per unit. Instead, the metrics that you use should incorporate your return on investment (ROI), response rates and, most importantly, your conversion rates—how often a person picking up your product ends up purchasing it.

This is where special effects screen printing can help you go "full peacock."

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How Textured Printing Engages the Mind

Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Textured Printing Engages the Mind | H&H Graphics

Textured Screen Printing: Engage the Mind | H&H Graphics

"Seeing is believing but feeling's the truth." So says Thomas Fuller in his seminal work, Gnomologia: Adadgies & Proverbs (predecessor to Poor Richard's Almanac).

Packaging and printed materials are an extension of your brand. With the addition of custom texture, Soft Touch, grit, gloss, or matte, your packaging and other printed materials will engage the mind of your customers in way that compels them to buy.

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