Be Remembered: Thermochromic Printing for Business Cards

Posted Monday, March 28, 2016

Be Remembered: Thermochromic Printing for Business Cards | H&H Graphics

If you want your business card to stand out, you may consider a glossy finish, or maybe even a raised UV coating printed on high quality cardstock.

Would your card stand out if, when someone touched it, they would see your contact information or something else about you based on the warmth of their fingertips? This is possible with thermochromic printing.

What Is Thermochromic Printing?

Thermochromic coatings change color in response to temperature fluctuations. There are two primary types of chromic coatings: liquid crystals and leuco dyes. The most famous application ever, the "mood" ring of the 1970s, was a liquid crystal.

Thermochromic coatings are commonly used on consumer packaging and product labels, (think about the Coors Light bottle that shows the Rockies in blue when cold), security printing, advertising, and novelty applications such as temperature sensitive plastics and mugs, promotional items, toys and textiles. Most often we find our clients engage us to apply the thermochromic coating in a solid color that disappears when exposed to temperature change, revealing the image underneath.

Reveal Your Profit

We recently printed a black gloss business card for a designer that, when you touch it, reveals the woman's name and contact information on a bright pink background underneath. We printed another business card where you see the full color logo but the rest is black. When you hold it, the black disappears and you see the contact information.

As you would guess, business cards with chromic printing cost significantly more than your local printer. Minimums runs start at $1,500. If that seems like a lot, consider the value of people being intrigued by your card, uncovering the real you and remembering you... Priceless.

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Thermochromic Business Card Printing Example

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