CEO Michelle Leissner Talks Marketing with Crain's

Posted Thursday, January 25, 2018

CEO Michelle Leissner Talks Marketing with Crain's | H&H Graphics

A growing number of manufacturers are discovering what H&H CEO Michelle Leissner recognized a long time ago: trying to grow a B2B business without a marketing strategy can leave you vulnerable to market forces that are outside of your control, like overseas competition that turns products and services into commodities that can only compete on price.

That's why Leissner made the decision to focus on something she knew H&H could do better than anyone else: customize print, retail packaging and POP display projects using special effects that dramatically boost the ROI of print marketing.

Today, as the company nears its 40th anniversary, it's a strategy that is paying off as increased competition for consumers' attention is driving growing interest in special effects printing.

Leissner shared some of her thoughts on the subject in a recent story in Crain's Chicago.

Manufacturers Seeking Greater Engagement

The story describes manufacturers coming around to the idea of putting money and effort into marketing as opposed to a longstanding practice of "allowing product quality to speak for itself" and limiting outreach to one-on-one relationship building.

Speedier production cycles and consumer demands for more customization are driving the need for B2B businesses to engage more with the end users of their products, according to one expert in the story.

At H&H Graphics, marketing is a big part of what the company does for its clients, helping other businesses get more out of their print marketing efforts with special effects that create consumer engagement in ways that ordinary printed materials can't.

Special effects that provoke the senses, enticing customers to touch and smell, have a proven effect in boosting consumer engagement, a topic that Leissner has written about for a variety of publications.

Special Effects Printing Boosts Marketing ROI

It's that "Anything But Ordinary" promise that brings clients to H&H for projects like book covers, posters, flyers, gift cards and packaging that gets noticed, with a wide variety of special effects. From glow-in-the-dark ink, to light and heat-activated inks to glitter, textures and a wide array of custom colors, scents and effects  – and an R&D team constantly brainstorming new ones – H&H turns out projects that are truly one-of-a-kind.

If you'd like to explore how to generate greater ROI for your print marketing, contact us to see if you would benefit from an "Even Better If..." audit of your print projects. We can show you how you can generate greater ROI for your next print project with special effects that resonate with your target audience.

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