Retail Challenges Demand POP Displays that Engage

Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Retail Challenges Demand POP Displays that Engage | H&H Graphics

Traditional retail stores may have taken a hit in recent years, but demand for high-quality packaging and attention-grabbing POP displays does not seem to be following the same downturn.

In fact, some experts believe that retail downturn will create an even greater need for displays that can break through the distractions within a shrinking retail footprint.

And some experts say that what has been described as a retail "apocalypse" is at least in part, more of a retail shift. In a recent issue of Printing News online, Larry D'Amico, director of sales & marketing for Durst U.S. describes an "influx of web-only retailers moving into the bricks and mortar space," in some cases because of a need for a place where consumers can touch and feel and try things on.

Either way, effective displays are more important than ever.

More Intensity around POP Displays

As another marketing director says in the same story: “On the one hand, maybe some branches will be closed, but on the other hand, there will be more intensity around POP displays to engage the passerby with the product that is on the shelf. There is no argument about the marketing value of in-store signage and display,”

For brands sold both offline and online, POP displays have become an important complement to web marketing.

And in the middle of a shifting retail landscape, you can't afford to launch a product campaign that is at risk of being overlooked. That is one reason so many brand managers are beginning to explore the possibilities behind multisensory special effects printing techniques.

Multisensory Printing Techniques Do Not Go Ignored

Research shows that packaging and displays that appeal to multiple senses create a level of consumer engagement that strictly visual marketing cannot match. Adding scent or texture or heat and light-changing effects to a POP display invites looking, touching and interacting.

There is no better time to explore taking your POP displays up a notch. At H&H we have expertise in a wide variety of state-of-the-art special effects printing techniques. And we have an R&D department with ideas for your next campaign that haven't even been dreamed up yet. Bring us your project and we'll show you techniques for turning an ordinary display into a magnet for consumer engagement. From custom colors, glitters and spot coatings, to magic effects like SnapShot, or light and heat sensitive inks that can be used to create hidden messages, we create displays and packaging that are one-of-a-kind and packed with "wow."

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