Special Effects Printing GlobalShop Attendees Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off

Posted Thursday, April 12, 2018

Special Effects Printing GlobalShop Attendees Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off | H&H Graphics

Special Effects Printing GlobalShop Attendees Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off

The recent GlobalShop conference in Chicago drew hundreds of people to the H&H Graphics booth to learn more about the power of multisensory special effects printing techniques.

Over the course of three days, they crowded into our booth to touch, smell and see for themselves how the addition of scented inks, thermochromic effects and a wide variety of textures and special effects can spark consumer engagement that leads directly to the bottom line.

They listened as H&H CEO and President Michelle Leissner described the research behind what we do at H&H Graphics. To our clients, we are more than just a special effects printing company. We are experts in consumer engagement and a partner in the success of their campaigns.

Wow! More than Just a Pretty Package

Adding sensory effects to product packaging is a demonstrated method of getting consumers to stop, look and interact with a product. It's an edge that brand managers can't afford to overlook. It's what we call the "wow" factor. And for good reason: We hear "wow" a lot at H&H. But we never get tired of it.

At H&H, we are always looking for more. We have ways of incorporating multisensory special effects that haven't even been dreamed-up yet: Our award-winning R&D department never stops in the quest to discover new ways to add  "wow" to packaging and promotional projects.

That's what drew a wide variety of national brand managers and advertising agency representatives to our booth at GlobalShop, where they couldn't stop touching the mood-ring effect table top or the alligator skin backdrop. They followed the smell of freshly cut oranges. They picked up the glitter and special effect packages we've created for national and international health and beauty, food and beverage and book publishing clients. They played along with a campaign built around our SnapShot effect – which was recently profiled by a national direct mail marketing expert. They said "wow" a lot.

Special Effects Print Techniques Turn "Wow" into ROI

We came away from the show with some exciting new projects and an invitation to speak to the clients of a global advertising agency about the benefits of multisensory special effects printing.

Wouldn't you like to know why national brand managers are clamoring to bring the power of multisensory special effects print techniques to their next project? Contact us for a free review of your next packaging or promotion project. We'll show you how you can incorporate special effects printing techniques to expand your reach and turn "wow" into ROI

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