Anything but Ordinary: H&H President Michelle Leissner

Posted Friday, December 15, 2017

Anything but Ordinary: H&H President Michelle Leissner | H&H Graphics

H&H Graphics President and CEO Michelle's Leissner's approach to business is as out-of-the-box as the projects she creates. When she took the lead at H&H in 2008, she was determined to put people over profits.

It's an approach that has served both the people and the business well, and was recently covered in an interview of Michelle by Voyage Chicago.

Anything But Ordinary

Today, the company is established as the go-to special effects printer for a wide variety of national brands looking for a little something different. From cosmetic packaging to book covers to promotional posters, mailers and scratch-off cards, Michelle inspires the work of an R&D team that consistently manages to create new and improved techniques for impossible-to-ignore promotions that are, as we like to say around here, anything but ordinary.

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Photochromic Screen Printing

Posted Friday, March 18, 2016

Photochromic Screen Printing | H&H Graphics

Color changing on paper has become much more sophisticated since your childhood days of watercolor painting. Today, chromic printing is the rage of business looking for a unique way to make an impact on multiple senses with screen printed book jackets and covers, packaging, retail POP displays, and promotional materials.

One recent example is a photochromic notepad cover we developed for a company whose mission it is to bring back the following: "agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list."

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How to Sell a Book by Its Cover

Posted Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Sell a Book by Its Cover | H&H Graphics

Despite all the warnings to do otherwise, we still judge a book by its cover—nearly 80%—according to a reader survey conducted by In fact, 62% of respondents regard book covers as the artistic representation of the content they will find inside.

Book Covers as Packaging

This is an indication of how big a role packaging—in this case a book cover—plays in the psychology of a consumer's purchasing decision. It may also help explain why printed books continue to outsell digital. After all, print can convey a deeper sensory experience through its integration of texture, dimension and even scents, inviting the need to be judged... favorably. This is especially true when printed material takes full advantage of current specialty printing techniques to enhance the sensory experience.

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H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #3

Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2015

H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #3 | H&H Graphics

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