Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal

Posted Monday, December 12, 2016

Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal | H&H Graphics

Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal

Are you looking for a twist on your next promotion to get noticed and be Anything but Ordinary?

Like SnapShot, activate promotions, with a water reveal in this case, are getting a lot of attention because they require a more unique level of interaction than scratch-offs and pull-tabs, and are more memorable as a result.

How Are Water Activated Promotions Used?

Water activated promotions use a special ink applied with special effects screen printing and only reveal when exposed to water.

Traditionally, water activated promotions are often used for summer and beach-themed promotions and water-related industries, including pools, spas, water parks, plumbing, and gardening. However, activate promotions with a water reveal can be used for just about anything, from casinos to beverages.

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