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Not Your Grandma's Greeting Cards

Posted Friday, June 24, 2016

Not Your Grandma's Greeting Cards | H&H Graphics

Yes, Facebook reminds subscribers to wish friends a happy birthday, but a quick wall post doesn't convince anyone that you were anticipating the milestone days in advance.

Industry experts say that the dawn of social media hasn't impacted greeting card sales, especially to the female demographic responsible for purchasing 80% of the $7-8 billion in annual retail sales. Nobody wants to mistakenly send the same Mother's Day card as last year. Greeting card aisles need fresh content for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Boss' Day, etc. Necktie Notes, i.e. musical ties that can be clipped on an illustrated dress shirt, dominated the shelves for Father's Day 2016.

While the greeting card industry is healthy, so is competition so it's never been more important to have your greeting cards stand out on the shelf. Using special effects screen printing with UV coatings and other specialty inks helps your greeting cards stand out for every holiday.

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Glitter in the Air

Posted Monday, December 28, 2015

Glitter in the Air | H&H Graphics

Do your marketing materials sparkle? Do your print samples twinkle? Does your product packaging stand out from all others because of its eye catching brilliance? It could. Imagine it for a moment... it would catch the consumer's eye and make it stand out, wouldn't it? In fact, it would make it stand out so much that it would be more likely to get someone to buy! Don't believe it? Ask the greeting card industry.

Greeting Card Glitter

Years ago, the greeting card industry figured this out. By putting glitter on greeting cards, they could actually draw the buyer's attention to the card on the rack, and make a glittered card more likely to be purchased than a plain card. Still, the added cost (albeit small) had to be worth it. It had to generate a positive ROI. Guess what they realized? They could actually charge more for a card with glitter than they could for a plain card, and the consumer would pay! Now they are getting a higher price, on a product that's more likely to sell, with minimal added cost. Increased margin! Anyone interested in that?

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H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #3

Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2015

H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #3 | H&H Graphics

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Market Spotlight: Greeting Cards

Posted Monday, December 07, 2015

Market Spotlight: Greeting Cards | H&H Graphics

The Greeting Card Association (GCA), the U.S. trade association representing publishers and suppliers to the greeting card and social expression industry, reports that the industry continues to generate healthy annual revenues of $7 to $8 billion.

Prior to the healthy annual revenue report, there was some concern within the industry that social media may have replaced greeting cards. Quite the contrary, according to Patti Stracher, EVP of the GCA, who recently said "The widespread use of social media has increased the value of connection, adding a new dimension to how people communicate, but greeting cards continue to play an invaluable role in our social culture." Adding, "human beings crave personal communication in an increasingly impersonal world, and greeting cards are one of the tools to satisfy that craving."

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The Sun Is Out & Father's Day & Graduation Cards Are On Press

Posted Monday, February 10, 2014

The Sun Is Out & Father's Day & Graduation Cards Are On Press | H&H Graphics

The sun is out and projects for Father's Day and Graduation are rolling in — a sure sign that this snowy winter WILL end, though not soon enough, and summer months will be here before long.

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