The Quick List of Special Effects Screen Printing

Posted Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Quick List of Special Effects Screen Printing | H&H Graphics

The Quick List of Special Effects Screen Printing

Did you know that you can add a glitter effect to a printed piece without it rubbing off? Did you know there is ink that only shows when a flash photo is taken? Did you know it's possible to do 4-color overprint on scratch-offs?

Because we offer a wide variety of UV coatings and special effects screen printing, we pulled together this "quick list" of the most popular inks and coatings that we commonly print.

Keep in mind that we CUSTOMIZE many inks and coatings to provide UNIQUE solutions.

Challenge us! We achieve the impossible.

The Quick List

Surfaces, Substrates & Sizes

We can print on any flat surface, including paper and plastic. We also print on chipboard, corrugated, vinyl, acrylic, static cling, APET, PET, PETG, metal, glass, wood, etc.

Our largest format is 44" x 64" and our sweet spot is 11" x 14" to 28" x 40". We can do both short and large runs. We can also print UV, water-based and conventional solvent. This is why we are the largest and most innovative special effects screen printers in the nation.

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