Wine and Spirit Promotions with a Twist

Posted Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Wine and Spirit Promotions with a Twist  | H&H Graphics

Is it just our imagination or do the beer and wine aisles get bigger and more crowded by the minute?

How does anybody choose a bottle of cabernet anymore? Or a craft beer? A bottle of scotch? You could do your research of course. There are 10,000 varieties of wine grapes, while a popular beer website has 300,000 beers listed. Of course, even if you know exactly what you're looking for, you still have to find it. 

The truth is, most of us have a much easier "system." We look at the label. From beautiful artwork to provocative names, to labels that just stand out, catching our attention from their perch on a crowded shelf, there are few places where consumers are as likely to judge your product by your packaging as the beer, wine and spirits aisles.

From Wooden Barrels to Little Works of Art

Back in George Washington’s day, a wooden barrel would do just fine. Washington ran one of the largest distilleries in the nation at his Mount Vernon farm, where he offered flavored whisky (cinnamon and persimmon) and apple, peach and persimmon brandies, according to the Mount Vernon Estate website. There were no bottles with beautiful painted images or clever names, but the distillery was a big money maker for the farm.

It was a simpler time. Consumers had only a few choices. Today's wine aisle is a gallery of miniature art work promoting thousands of varieties of beer, wine and spirits in a wide array of flavors, from all over the globe.

Cause a Stir in the Cocktail Aisle with Packaging that Glows, Glitters and Transforms

Jim Beam Table Tent with Hidden Message

Multisensory special effects printing has a powerful effect on consumer engagement in every aisle. But when it comes to wine and spirits, it's a can't miss way to get your brand noticed.

From scent, to texture, to chromic effects that "reveal" hidden messaging and images – learn why some of the biggest names in the business use H&H special effects printing to give their marketing efforts an extra splash.

Here are just a few of the multisensory special effects we've created for clients in the beer, wine and spirits industry:

  • A touch of luxury: Linen-textured pen and ink artwork for a luxury brand cabernet created the sense of something rare and valuable
  • A sense of anticipation: Our "SnapShot" special effect was used to launch social media campaigns for brands that included Jim Beam and Miller Lite. SnapShot is a print technique by which a flash photo reveals hidden messaging and inspires social media sharing.
  • The scent of inspiration: A raspberry scented cocktail recipe card lured consumers to try Chambord-flavored vodka

Special Effects Printing for Top Shelf Branding

There's no limit to what you can do with multisensory special effects. Use your imagination, or use our in-house R&D Department to come up with something one-of-a-kind. From glow-in-the-dark inks to custom glitter and scent, to messaging that reacts to body heat, water, or light, when you combine multiple sensory effects in your packaging and promotions, you multiply your power to engage consumers and move your brand into their hearts and carts.

At H&H Graphics, multisensory special effects printing is our specialty. We can show you how to create the effects that are most likely to resonate with your target audience. The only thing we can't do is ordinary.

Give us a call or click on the link below to learn more. Cheers!

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