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Your Next Marketing Campaign is as Close as Your Kitchen

November 18, 2022 Published by

When it comes to incorporating the power of multisensory marketing into your product, packaging or promotions, you can almost never go wrong by turning to the five basic food groups: cheese, wine, Girl Scout cookies, tacos and bacon. All marketing people know this, and while the creators of Velveeta-scented nail...

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Packaging that Piques the Senses and Sets the Mood

November 2, 2022 Published by

If you’ve ever watched a child unwrap a package, you know it isn’t only what’s inside that counts. Packaging has the power to capture attention, enhance the value of whatever is inside and create a sense of expectation that makes the experience memorable and concrete. When you add multisensory special...

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Go for the Glitz and Give Yourself the Gift of ROI

October 20, 2022 Published by

With months of holidays ahead and consumers more than ready for a bit of distraction from the everyday, there is no better time to amp up the excitement of your print promotions and packaging. At H&H Graphics, we’ve got more ways to bring the razzle dazzle to your holiday print...

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Nothing Fuels Your Messaging Like Scent

August 22, 2022 Published by

Many smells have the power to provoke a sense of nostalgia, but few are as specific or as pungent as the smell of gasoline. Whether it was dad filling up the car for that summer road trip or pouring gas into the lawn mower (creating another incredible smell experience, the...

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